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Poetry is not just a hobby. It’s an emotion. Expression of the inner voice which take the form of words.

A good poem will start from the pen and will stay forever in your heart. As it’s well said, “Put your soul in the poems and poetry will never leave your heart.”


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And finally it rained, beautifully gained
In the abandoned heart of mine, there you held
My breath, skipped my heartbeat when you uttered
The words I always craved, to hear I wished.

The fierce fire, settled down in the calm sea
Your thunder storm stroked, I danced with thee
With every step we walked, you came closer to me
Sailed across the rough ocean, yet we didn’t flee.

Extreme rhyme

In search of the intense fervour

She let her heart for the savour

The emptiness the life held before

Made her to crave for deep endear.

As she came across versimilitude

Her life was a room for solitude

Stepping out of her isolated attitude

She stopped her heart from getting delude.

Realising the truth that love doesn’t exist

And the lonely nights have to persist

Her tears got buried forever amidst
The dark night, when she let her fears to aorist..

My love

If we get one more chance ahead

Let’s live the moment to the fullest

If we get one more chance ahead

Let’s make love to our best.

I don’t want to go back to past

‘Cause now you reside in my heart

I just want to feel the warmth

Of your arms​, till my last breath.

Roses are red, sky is blue

Always, forever, I love you..

A sunny day

Round around the sparkling fountain

The glittering sun slides his curtain

In the middle of the road, there we go

With hand in hand truth we hold.

Time we spend together is the happiest of all

Till the sun, moon, stars, down they fall

Together, forever, we lead our destiny

To express our love, words are tiny

Jumbled life of our’s will be cleared soon

The dazzling sun will leave the path for moon.

Every night

A night that brings blissful dream

Down the cloud valley, stars’ stream

The moonlight riding out the dark

Crystals filling the sky with spark.

The breeze blowing through the window

Forces to rest my head on pillow

Nightmares don’t have single space

Life is full of mystic grace.

Recalling the magical moments shared

Eyes kept open until the visions fade.

Under the spell

Her eyes shine like diamonds

Her smile hypnotises me for seconds

Beauty lies in everything she does

Prettiness to the peak only she goes

She hides the truth of her love

Amidst the mist in the morning

Her eyes speak when her lips don’t

Her presence makes the world stunning

she is mystery, she is love.

Yeah! She’s the one, she’s the one!!

The present

Write Here, Write Now

His smile, his love, his naughtiness Everything makes me feel that this is what I want, it is him, for the rest of my life.

I feel to hug him Everytime I see him and say ” You’re mine. Please don’t go away” Well, I know, I don’t need to say that. He clearly knows what I mean. He knows that what he means to me.

I search around for him, just to have a glance. The day I don’t get to see him, it’s totally incomplete. I feel so helpless. I need him around me all the time. May be it’s what love is about, to lose me and find myself in him. He is what I reflect. He is the old me. He is what I lost years ago. He is everything I never want to let go. He is my present and also the future.

To Eternity


Never thought this journey would come so far
You’ve taken with you my soul entire
Everytime I think about you
A smile appears on my face without a clue.

The thought of losing you terrifies me
Even in the nightmare, I don’t want to lose thee
In every path, we shall walk together
My love for you will remain forever.

– JadeGlow

A silent cry

Her silence translates everything she hides
Her blissful face makes the moon shy
Her eyes bring the blossom to Flowers
Her voice makes the words pleasant
She goes through the woods in the air
Though nobody sees her pain, she doesn’t complain.
More you go closer to her
More she runs from you far
You never know what she does feel
She believes that time Will heal
Wherever she goes, she brings happiness
No competitors she has for her prettiness.

– JadeGlow

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