The present

Write Here, Write Now

His smile, his love, his naughtiness Everything makes me feel that this is what I want, it is him, for the rest of my life.

I feel to hug him Everytime I see him and say ” You’re mine. Please don’t go away” Well, I know, I don’t need to say that. He clearly knows what I mean. He knows that what he means to me.

I search around for him, just to have a glance. The day I don’t get to see him, it’s totally incomplete. I feel so helpless. I need him around me all the time. May be it’s what love is about, to lose me and find myself in him. He is what I reflect. He is the old me. He is what I lost years ago. He is everything I never want to let go. He is my present and also the future.


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